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UX Designer

If you're a beginner in Figma, this course is excellent for you to start. I have already experience with other designing tools and Figma, however, this course was very helpful since I learned some new functions and processes I didn't know.

Digital Product Designer

Very insightful course - I feel ready for my upcoming workshop. I went back to my planning doc and tweaked a bit based on what I've already learned from this course.

UX Designer

Max shows me one of the things that I do not know even possible to do with just Notion! Thank you for giving me an eye-opening lesson!

userexperience.school is not only about UX.
Within 12 hours of high quality learning videos, you'll master UX design, user research, hosting workshops, and crafting authentic brands.

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UX & User Research

Defining the Brand & Tonality
Conducting User Interviews
Planning, Creating, and Evaluating Surveys
Drawing User Flows
Transitioning from UX Design to User Research
Creating User Journey Maps
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The Complete Figma Introduction!
3h 49m
Figma for Non-Designers Special
User Testing with Figma & Maze
Introduction to FigJam
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Crafting Your Portfolio
Effectively Using Notion
Hosting Workshops with Miro
This is Max

About Max

Hello, my name is Max and I'm a Senior User Researcher and Digital Designer with more than ten years of professional experience. I love to write and to talk about UX related topics. Besides that, I am occasionally recording music.

Throughout my career, I was and still am privileged to work for many different clients from different industries like automotive, IT, food, healthcare, or life science. Having worked both for agencies and in-house, I am able to share from my broad set of knowledge that is based on successful projects of almost all possible places of action for UX and digital product design.

So far, my online learning material has helped over 60,000 students from around the globe and across all channels. Sharing is caring, and I truly believe that. I want to share my knowledge with you to push the limits of each and every one of us. Only by learning new things every day and sharing our knowledge, we can evolve and continue to get better.

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Head full of ideas but no idea where to start?

Transform your creative visions into beautiful, functional designs. My courses guide you from concept to prototype, no prior experience required.

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Unsure how to gather real user insights?

Unlock the secrets of effective user research to make products people love. Learn practical techniques for engaging with users and applying what you learn.

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Overwhelmed by complex design projects?

Simplify your design process with my expert tips on managing and executing large projects. Gain confidence and efficiency, one step at a time.

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Struggling to connect with your audience?

Craft messages that resonate deeply with your users. My courses teach you to refine your brand’s voice for more impactful user engagement.

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(Remote) Workshops are challenging?

Make distance work in your favor. Learn to navigate and thrive in remote environments with tools that bring your team closer.

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Lost in translation between design and development?

Bridge the gap between creative concepts and technical execution. Perfect your collaboration with developers to see your designs come to life exactly as imagined.

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Digital Product Designer

Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed to get up to speed with a new software. Simple, clear, efficient, and helpful!

UX Researcher

I really like how Max explains every big topic in a breakdown style which is actually helpful for all levels of users.

Content Manager

I really enjoyed watching and following this class. I just started learning Figma a month ago and I am already very comfortable with the application after watching this class. I managed to design an app with 25 screens.

Social Media Manager

This is a great course, I want to thank Max for the effort he put in making this gem. I hope you will make stream / course about creating a modern landing page from beginning to end - while explaining the design principles applied and the thought process behind your decisions.

UI Designer

Enjoyed this class quite a bit, was able to compartmentalize and assimilate the information very easily. I feel prepared with the basics to get started with user surveys and have enough understanding to be able to do deeper research into individual topics discussed!

Startup Founder

This helped me so much, with this class I wrote vision and mission statements with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn how to design an app or website?

Yes! Some courses will guide you to do exactly this. While the course does not focus on one specific platform or type of user interface, it's completely up to you to decide in which direction you want to go.

Will I profit from this course?

Yes! The learning material has been created with students of different experience levels in mind. This means that you can absolutely complete the course if you're entirely new to UX, but also seasoned UX designers will profit from the depth of knowledge that I'm teaching on userexperience.school.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The learning material on userexperience.school currently provides more than 12 hours of 4K videos. For a successful go-through, I'm recommending at least three weeks of time.

What if I don't succeed in the course?

You are learning together with other students and support each other along the way. I'm also there to help if you're stuck at some point. But if you're really unhappy, I'll gladly refund you with the full price within the first 7 days of your journey.

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